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My name is Rosella Sek and I am an Independent Ambassador for the Zilis Company. We have a special hemp oil that is a full spectrum hemp oil. It has no THC and is up to 94% absorbable. It is water based and USDA certified organic. There is  a patent pending and no other CBD oil company can have our Gold Standard product!

To tell you a little about myself, my family started taking Full Spectrum hemp because of pain my husband was having from a near death auto accident. He was bound to a life of opiates until we found Full Spectrum Hemp oil! The brand I use can help with mood, altered focus, aches and pains, improves sleep, seizures, addictions, forgetfulness, movement issues and endocannabinoid deficiencies. It also provides immune system support, and helps with digestive and cognitive function. It also has terrific healing properties.

Selling the World’s Best CBD Oil Since 2017.

CBD is just one cannabinoid in an oil, whereas our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has 400 compounds with cannabidiol which makes it work better in the body. After all, the main goal of CBD oil is to help the body maintain homeostasis. That is why this oil is good for even the healthiest of your clients.

The extraction process my Full Spectrum Hemp Oil brand uses is patented so no other company comes close to measuring up to our quality. They also have a Medical Board of Directors which include Doctors, Nurses and a Veterinarian. Yes! IT is safe for dogs and children!

Please look over the information. If you choose to use my hemp/CBD, you will have access to wholesale tiered pricing, for example 48 large bottles for $55/bottle retails for $149/bottle. We have one of the best retail margins in the industry.

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